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Yale University - B.A. degree in political science and American literature (1967).

Columbia University - M.A. degree in social studies education and the teaching of reading (1972).

Rutgers University - Ed.D. degree in social studies education with an emphasis upon administration and supervision (1984). Dissertation: Gifted education and democratic theory.


Publisher, FNO Press
1997 - Present

Launched technology oriented publishing company, FNO Press, published seven technology related titles in 1999-2011 as well as a series of online learning products. Presented keynotes and workshops to hundreds of schools, conferences and districts across all states and many nations.

Editor, From Now On - The Educational Technology Journal
1991 - Present

Published and edited From Now On, a monthly electronic technology newsletter which reaches thousands of technology leaders, thinkers and teachers along with hundreds of library media specialists, parents, industry figures as well as thousands of others who visit the From Now On Web site daily at

Provided Web sites offering a collection of technology-related planning documents and resources to support school district thinking and preparation for thoughtful use of networked technologies and new information resources. | |

Addressed the most pressing issues facing schools that are considering an investment in networking: goal setting, curriculum development, staff development, assessment, network planning, policy development, legal issues, etc.

Developed powerful online learning modules for staff development and student learning.

Editor, The Question Mark
2004 - Present

Launched an educational journal devoted to questions, questioning, sound intelligence, strategic reading and quality teaching at

Editor, No Child Left
2003 - 2007

Launched a journal devoted to the drastic amendment or repeal of the current education law of the land (NCLB), laying out a case against the punishment, fear, hidden agendas and dangerous features built into the law.


  • eSchool News (1998-2000)
  • Classroom Connect (1998 - 2002)
  • Multimedia Schools (2002)
  • Library Media Connection (2003-2004)

Director of Libraries, Media and Technology
Bellingham, WA Schools
1993 - 1997

Directed educational program aspects of $6 million technology bond program linking the eighteen schools and 2,000 computers of this 10,000 student district to each other in a WAN (Wide Area Network) as well as the Internet.

Created extensive staff development program designed to integrate the use of new technologies in support of higher level thinking and problem-solving across the disciplines.

Orchestrated technology-related site-based decision-making model for all eighteen schools leading to individual site technology sketches with an emphasis upon student learning.

Originated authentic staff and student assessment models which have been used to steer the program and evaluate progress on major goals.

Created a robust district World Wide Web site which helped to define what is possible in the way of school Web publishing, including the development of student galleries and virtual museums, the creation of online staff development modules and the invention of curriculum and lesson pages.

Utilized new technologies to radically shift work assignments of staff and realize major personnel savings by redeploying existing staff to different assignments.

Provided support and training for the development of an innovative culture.

President - Network 609
1984 - present

Published and edited From Now On, a monthly electronic technology newsletter which reachestens of thousands of technology leaders monthly through e-mail and visits to the Web site.

Presented keynote speeches, consulting services and staff development to schools, to school districts and at major conferences on topics such as restructuring, site-based management, critical thinking, skills of the future, educational technologies, strategic planning and creating a culture for change.

Alabama Alberta Alaska Argentina Arizona
Australia British Columbia Bulgaria California China
Colorado Connecticut Florida France Georgia
Germany Hawaii Hong Kong Illinois
Indiana Iowa Japan Kansas Kentucky
Korea Louisiana Manitoba
Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi Missouri
Montana Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New York
New Zealand North Carolina North Dakota Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Ohio Oklahoma Ontario Oregon
Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Saskatchewan Singapore South Africa
South Dakota Sweden Texas United Kingdom Virginia
Washington West Virginia Wisconsin

Designed and delivered national series of seminars on site-based management and change.

Presented seminars on technology, planning and grant writing for National School Boards Association and Apple Computer.

Completed eight books with a focus upon educational technologies, information literacies and questioning.

Developed video based graduate programs for educational technology with Canter & Associates.

Provided training to Optical Data Corporation customers in the use of videodiscs and multimedia.

Authored multimedia training modules for Optical Data Corporation.

Reviewed educational improvement plans of urban districts in New Jersey for the New Jersey DOE and served on NJ Commissioner's Assessment Task Force.

Provided workshops in creative problem-solving, decision-making, negotiating, team-building and other management topics for clients such as the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

Superintendent - Tredyffrin/Easttown (Valley Forge), PA Schools

Superintendent - Montgomery Township, N.J.

Assistant Supt. - Princeton Regional Schools

Principal - Edgar School (K-6) - Metuchen, New Jersey

Adjunct Professor - Douglass College

Assistant Principal - Franklin Middle School - Metuchen, New Jersey

Humanities Coord. - Franklin Middle School - Metuchen, New Jersey

Teacher of English & Social Studies - Greenwich Country Day School


When Jamie became a full time speaker, the presentations became too numerous to list here.

1. Planning for the Future

"Revising the Educational Agenda" AASA National Convention (1989)

"Education in the Age of the Smart Machine" World Future Society (1989)

"Through the Looking Glass" AASA National Convention (1990)

"A Curriculum of Concern" ASCD National Convention (1990)

"Education in the Age of the Smart Machine" ASCD National Convention (1990)

"Engendering a Change Ethic in the Next Generation" ASCD National Convention (1991)

"Making Change: Preparing Your Schools for the Next Century" NSBA InfoMart pre-conference workshop (1991)

"Powershifting and Puzzling to Create New Paradigms and New Possibilities." ASCD National Convention (1992)

"Re-Inventing the American School." NSBA Fall Conference (1992)


2. Classroom Questions/Thinking

"Supervising for Classroom Questions." Action Lab for ASCD Annual Meeting. (1986)

"The Question is the Answer." Session at ASCD annual meeting (1988)

"White Water Rafting: Supervising for Thinking." Session at ASCD annual meeting (1989)


3. Technologies

"Enhancing Administrative Productivity." Apple Symposium (1989)

"Education in the Age of the Smart Machine." Apple Computer's Business of Ed (1989)

"The Superintendent as Technology Navigator." Apple Computer (NY) (1990)

"Technology in the Curriculum: Are You Getting your Dollar's Worth?" NSBA (1991)

"Buyers Beware: Making Wise Technology Choices." NSBA Fall Conference (1992)

"New Dollars for New Technologies: Grantseeking." NSBA ITTE Infomart (1992)

"WeSearch the Web." ASCD (1997)

"Creating the Technology Enhanced, Student Centered Classroom." ASCD (1997)

"Forming the Information Literate School Community" and "MultiMediocracy" NECC'99

Since 1999, there have been hundreds of presentations at major state, provincial and national conferences too numerous to list here.


4. Gifted Education


"PEG: Programs for the Exceptionally Gifted" Council for Exceptional Children Annual Meeting. Detroit . (1983)

"Cultivating the Garden: Alternative Approaches to Identifying Gifted and Talented Students." NJPSA Principals Workshop. (1983)

"Elitism and Gifted Education." Paper presented at AERA, Chicago. (1985)

"500 Miles, 500 Miles: Teaching Persistence with Year Long Research Projects." IAGT (1997)


5. Telecommunications and Information Skills

"Net Profit in a Post Modem World." Keynote for Online Conference. (1994)

"Building a Curriculum with the Internet." ASCD Assembly. (1995)

"Libraries of the Future." Kentucky ETC, NCETC, NCAECT, MASL, and others. (1995-1997)

"Virtual Museums." ASCD (1996)

"The Administrator and the Web; Developing a Research Program for an Age of Information; Power Learning; Keeping it Legal; Protecting Our Children from the Internet (and the World)" NECC'96.

"AfterSURF." NECC'97

"Deep Reading and Deep Thinking in an Age of Info-Glut, Info-Garbage, Info-Glitz and Info-Glimmer." FETC'97 and the IASL (International Association of School Librarians)


Making Change in Education: Preparing Your Schools for the Future, J. L. Wilkerson, Westbury, NY, 1987.

Coal Creek Rebellion, an historical novel set in 1891.

Site-Based Management: A Practitioner's Field Guide, Correct Change Publishers, Flemington, NJ, 1991.

Administrators at Risk, National Educational Service, Bloomington, IN, 1993.

Selecting, Managing and Marketing Technologies, Corwin, Newbury Park, CA, 1993.

Power Learning in the Classroom, Corwin, Newbury Park, CA, 1993.

Net Profit in a Post Modem World, 1995.

How Teachers Learn Technology Best, FNO Press, Bellingham, WA, 1999.

Beyond Technology: Questioning, Research and the Information Literate School, FNO Press, Bellingham, WA, 2000.

Planning Good Change with Technology and Literacy, FNO Press, Bellingham, WA, 2001.

Just in Time Technology: Doing Better with Fewer, FNO Press, Bellingham, WA, 2002.

Learning to Question to Wonder to Learn, FNO Press, Bellingham, WA, 2005.

Leading Questions, FNO Press, Bellingham, WA, 2007.

Beyond Cut-and-Paste: Engaging Students in Making Good New Ideas, FNO Press, Bellingham, WA, 2009.

Lost and Found — a Guide to Discovery Learning through Purposeful Wandering, FNO Press, Bellingham, WA, 2011.


ARTICLES (partial listing)

"Computer Fear." Educational Leadership. September, 1983.

"In Search of Excellence: A Review." Executive Educator. November, 1983.

"Accordion Writing." Mastering the Word Processor." English Journal. September, 1984.

"Bandwagons and Trainwrecks: Computer Education Equity Issues." Nexus. Spring, 1984.

"Squeezing the Accordion: Mastering the Word Processor." Writing. November, 1984.

"Augmenting Classroom Activities and Resources Via Videotext." Media and Methods. November, 1984.

"Serendipity, Synergism and Venture Capital: A Strategy for Exploring the Information Age." Executive Educator. November, 1984.

"Mining the Mountain: Computer Research." Electronic Education. November, 1984.

"Who Will Decide Who is Gifted?" The Sunday New York Times, New Jersey Section,
September, 1984.

"Bandwagons and Trainwrecks: the Curriculum of Trend." Electronic Education, September, 1985.

"Who Controls the Schools: A Review." Executive Educator, September, 1985.

"A Passion for Excellence: A Review." Executive Educator, Fall, 1985.

"The Skeet Strategy: Aim High, Shoot Straight; Check the Pigeon." Executive Educator, May, 1986

"The Influence of Identification Practices, Race and SES on the Identification of Gifted Students." Gifted Child Quarterly, Spring, 1986.

"Fast-Food Strategies Starve Our Schools." Executive Educator, August, 1986.

"No Contest: A Review." American School Board's Journal. January, 1987.

"Revising the Educational Agenda: Basic Skills for 2010." School Leader, May/June, 1988.

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"The Emperor's New Tailors: Lessons Learned from Industry." Star Ledger, April 24, 1988.

"In the Age of the Smart Machine: A Review." American School Boards Journal. January, 1989.

"Supervising for Thinking: White Water Rafting." Executive Educator, July, 1989.

"An Educational Safari." Kappan. October, 1990.

" Inspire Staff, Change with Metaphors." August, 1989. The School Administrator.

"The New Agenda: Education in the Age of the Smart Machine." Instructor Magazine. Spring, 1989.

"From Silent Screen to Technicolor: Desktop Presentation Software Rescues Staff Development from the Dark Ages." Staff Development Journal. September, 1989.

"Learn Workplace Basics Firsthand." Executive Educator. June,1990.

"At Elementary Schools, the Task Will Be Finding Room for Science." Education Week, October 31, 1990.

"How to Survive the Funding Drought." American School Boards Journal. March, 1991.

"Role Reversal: a Poem about Staff Development." Staff Development Journal. Summer, 1991.

"The Hero Comes of Age." Executive Educator. July, 1992.

"Technopoly: A Review." American School Boards Journal. September, 1992.

"BeforeNet and Afternet." Multimedia Schools, May-June, 1995.

"Planning an Internet Journey." Technology Connection, a series of 6 articles, April-November, 1995.

"We Weave the Web." Educational Leadership, November, 1996.

"Why in the World Wide Web." Technology & Learning, January, 1997.

"Technology's Webs." The School Administrator, April, 1998.

"Turn Ho-Hum Training into Dynamic Adult Learning." eSchool News, March, 1998.

"Grazing the Net: Raising a Generation of Range Free Students." Phi Delta Kappan, September, 1998.

Since 1999 Jamie has published dozens of other articles in major publications too numerous to list here.

19 monthly columns for eSchool News.

2-3 columns yearly for Classroom Connect.

4 columns in 2002 for Multimedia Schools.


"Using the Internet for Curriculum." Video Journal of Education

"How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom" Canter Associates

"The New Information Landscape and the Post Modem School." Chip Taylor Communications

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