Poetry by Jamie McKenzie

These poems and songs were written
by Jamie McKenzie.
For more information about the poet,
read this brief sketch.

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Mayc 2015

Into the shredder
Your silence struck me

March 2015

Like Spoons
I wake to the sweet
Out and Out

February 2015

At my door

January 2015

Days and Nights without Words


December 2014

Light a candle

October 2014 Where?
January 2014

The Good Times

My Cup of Tea

November 2013 Wishes
May 2013 Twilight 2
April 2013 Your Kisses
February 2012 Refuge
January 2012 Packing Light
September 2011 Daring
August 2011


Moon Change

May 2009 And Then . . .
April 2009

Tending Cellar

January 2009


The Tracks


Standing Tall
A poem in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King
Love and Joy
City Life
 Aging, Cancer and Death
An Urban Myth
Floor Plan
Friday Night Special
Headless Snowman
Home for the Holidays
Check Out Counter
The Final Lap
The Gauntlet
Old Men
Tending Cellar
Twilight 2
Bareback Rider
Come be a child
Hold me tightly
Mr. Balloon Man
Now and then a Puppet
The Puzzle Song
The Wonder Bread Song
Love and Loss
Country Life
Grab Bag
 Nantucket Poems
Cookie Roll
Figure Skaters
Organic Garden
The Bargain
Green with Storm
Rose Bud
Silver Lining

© by Jamie McKenzie

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